Refund Policy

It is our policy at Stream Spurt to provide the best service, information, and support before and after a purchase so that our customers can be happy with their subscription and their business experience with us. In the event that this is not possible, refunds, credits, or exchanges are available under certain circumstances for different types of subscriptions. Stream Spurt offers our software subscription as a license under a 14-day no obligation cancellation policy. The no obligation cancellation begins immediately upon account activation and only applies to new customers, and subscriptions that have not activated any ad channels.

Prorated Refunds

Stream Spurt does not offer prorated refunds for canceled subscriptions. All subscriptions are recurring and will automatically renew after the end of each paid subscription period. This includes both month-to-month and annual plans. It is your responsibility to evaluate Stream Spurt including its features, limitations, and platform requirements before selecting any paid plan. Stream Spurt will not issue refunds to customers on the basis of customers not understanding the platform requirements, or the presence of compatibility issues.


Stream Spurt charges and collects in advance for the use of our platform. All subscriptions outside of our 14 day cancellation policy are non-refundable except if stated otherwise within our refund policy. All subscriptions, monthly, quarterly and yearly renew automatically on their due renewal date according to the date of purchase until officially cancelled.

Important: No refunds or credits for partial months, quarters or years of service will be refunded to a customer upon cancellation.
The fees that Stream Spurt charges for the monthly, quarterly, or yearly services exclude phone, and Internet access charges, as well as other data transmission charges.


Any currency exchange settlements are based on the customer’s agreement with the payment method provider. To be clear: these charges are the customer’s responsibility. The chosen method of billing will automatically be charged the new subscription rate on the next billing cycle. With regards to downgrades on a subscription, Stream Spurt does not issue refunds or credits for partial months of service.
Stream Spurt reserves the right to refuse/cancel a subscription to any subscription purchased at, If Stream Spurt refuses a new or renewing subscription/membership, registrants will be offered a refund on prorata basis of pending days in subscription plan bought with an additional cancellation charge of $4.99. These above policies apply to all the subscriptions listed on Stream Spurt unless otherwise noted in the corresponding program materials.


Customer’s acknowledge that all subscription fees are charged automatically on a recurring basis until the customer cancels their channel subscription (both month-to-month and annual plans). The customer may cancel their subscription by logging into their Stream Spurt account and going to their account, clicking settings, and choosing the “Change” or “Cancel” options under subscription and billing. A confirmation email receipt is sent to the customer with the expiration date of the subscription. Please keep in mind that you are solely responsible for properly canceling your account. However, you can also contact support if you are having difficulty or need help.